Vendors: Pay Online

If you would like, you can now pay us via Paypal!

We have however, added on the fees that PayPal will charge us (1.99% + $0.49), so the $156 per 6 foot table will instead be $159.59 (and the $208 per 8 foot table will instead be $212.62) if you opt to pay for your tables via the Paypal button below.

Please do not forget to also email us a scan of your signed contract and a copy of your seller’s permit as well as sending the original signed contract to us in the mail (we do need the original for our records, but a copy of the contract emailed back to us will suffice as a placeholder so we know how many tables you are reserving).

First choose the table size that you want using the first box below and then add the number of tables that you wish by using the second box.
Then click the button for your preferred payment option to complete your purchase.

Choose Table Size By Clicking Below

Thank you once again for your support of our show!!!